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Our aim is to produce an environmentally friendly home that doesn’t minimize on all the luxuries of modern life. Our custom built tiny houses are built using 100% renewable energy. We offer an affordable yet stylish and fully equipped house, ready to go.

We use sustainable building products and materials that are FSC certified or better, low or no Voc emissionsand industry best practices. We offer both on and off grid power options, water or composting toilets and fully equipped with kitchen and bathroom plumbing and gas.  We can also provide deck and verandah options as additions to your tiny house.

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"There are weight, length and height restrictions on legal Tiny Houses in Australia. We have spent a great deal of time and effort to ensure we stay within the legal requirements and inspection compliance. This allows the buyer the advantage of knowing their tiny House is built professionally and to all the legal classifications. For a tiny House to be legal in Australia it must be built on a compliant trailer and be registerable. This allows for the advantage of not needing to have a Development Application (DA) and the cost saving associated with this."